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They suddenly have a little more spunk in their step.

He works for government. Will they be able to help me?

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In most states spouses have a duty to support each other. Thats my problem to hes not doing it voluntarily hes really acting like he dont have to and i just recently heard from his bestfriend that hes been giving some other lady money everymonth and he dont for me he find ways so he dont have to leave me any money what do i do.

Infidelity: What to Look For, What to Do

In most states he has a duty to support you if you need it and he has income, and you may need to file for divorce or legal separation and go to court to request a support order if he is unwilling to fulfill his obligation voluntarily. My husband having an affair over a year. We have 3 kids together, the age range is 21 to 11 years old. We have 2 houses together.

How to Find Out If He's Cheating for FREE. Use Someone's Phone to Track..

I live in Ohio and he live in New York, we have been living apart for 8 years. He come here every 2 to 3 weeks. I work full time job. My question is If we are divorce, can I get all the property because he was cheating? The women mitress , she is an illegal immigrant, is it possible get her to deport? Thank you. In most states, infidelity is not a factor in deciding property issues. You will need to talk to an attorney to see what the laws are in your state.

Your problem should be simply with your husband, not with this woman. I am curious about the definition of marital assets. My spouse and I have lived in two separate homes for three years he bought his during our marriage and I rent my home. We shared the same bed during those three years.

My question is everything we accumulated during those years of maintaining separate homes considered marital assets? We never officially separated.


Each state has different laws, so this is a great question to ask an attorney familiar with the laws of your state. Consider attending a Second Saturday divorce workshop near you to find out more about how marital property works. I have a question regarding the marital home.

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  6. My husband has been having an affair for 6 months now, I found out about it 2 months ago and decided to work on our marriage, at that time he agreed. We went to Counseling, see a Pastor and visited the Marriage Builder site suggested by our Therapist. Two weeks ago I discovered that not only had my husband been lying to me for the past 2 months, he brought his mistress into our home. Not once, but now twice!

    How to tell if your partner is cheating: the top signs and tests

    We live in the State of CT. Do I have any rights to change the locks to our marital home? We have two boys 8 and 3. Thanks for your help. That would be a legal question that someone familiar with the laws of your state could tell you. He was living a double life unbeknownst to me. No progress will be made if you and your husband do not talk about what has happened. Confronting your husband about his affair is an extremely difficult first step, but it is absolutely necessary to do this if he has not come clean of his own volition.

    If you have irrefutable evidence of the affair, such as text messages or emails from the other woman or credit card statements showing payments for flowers, lingerie or jewelry that were not for you, show this to him. If you don't have evidence, only suspicions, think carefully before confronting him; be prepared for him to deny an affair. Stay calm, explain how his behavior has made you feel, and ask him for complete honesty. You will have to consider the possibility that your husband will not want to end the affair.

    Real Talk: The Day I Found Out My Husband Was Cheating and Everything After

    He may tell you that he is confused and doesn't know who he wants to be with, or that he is leaving you for the other woman. If he can't assure you that the affair is over, that he is sorry for the betrayal and committed to rebuilding the marriage and earning your trust back, you need to accept that the relationship is over. Begging him to stay with you may be your initial reaction out of fear and insecurity, but it is not a healthy place from which to repair your broken marriage.

    You deserve better than that, says psychologist Phil McGraw. You need to take some time to process what has happened and what your husband has told you about the affair. If you have children and don't want to disrupt their lives until it is absolutely necessary, ask him to sleep in another room.

    If you don't have kids to consider, or you just can't bear to be under the same roof as him, ask him to leave. He is the guilty party here, so he should be the one to go elsewhere and give you some space to work out whether you want to try to save the marriage. Don't put any pressure on yourself to make a quick decision about the future of your relationship. What you choose to do will affect the rest of your life, your happiness, and emotional and mental health.

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