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Best R&B and Soul Songs About Cheating Lovers

Released in , this digital download talks about Drake ranting about his frustrations and loneliness by calling up an ex-partner. Soon after release, the track peaked at number in the US Billboard Hot Another from the list of rap songs about cheating girlfriends is this melt-down by Eamon. Written and sung by the American artist Eamon Doyle, this track came out in and secured top position in music charts across different countries including America, Netherlands, and Italy. It meanders through the themes of unrequited love, abuse, and heartbreak. Hurry up and get the most from this free download option!

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    Kanye West ft. The way he wails on the line "What would I give?

    Country-pop star Juice Newton had such success with her revamped version in that not a lot of folks even remember the original, which was almost as big a hit. Rush's tremulous delivery reveals just how much women put on the line back in —risking not just their heart but their social standing—by being the Other Woman.

    20 Songs To Listen To When You Are Dating a Cheater

    The sadly underrated Covay was adept at blues, soul, and something he called "country funk," and this rare top 40 hit of his contains elements of all those styles. A sort of companion piece to Johnnie Taylor's "Who's Making Love," it shows in painful detail how cheating on someone else can backfire on the cheater, trapping them in a double bind of awful secrets.

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    8. The demands of family, career, and relationships can make holding down multiple relationships very difficult indeed—and even more so when one of those relationships covers up a lie about the other. Bell is most famous for the aching regret of "You Don't Miss Your Water," which can be played as the sequel to this proto-disco classic. A clarion call for a newfound era of sexual permissiveness, the big solo hit for this member of Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young made quite an impression.

      The song was later covered by a legion of artists who seemed to agree that living for the moment, despite your commitments, could be exhilarating. Stills got the title phrase from a remark made by musician Billy Preston. This song is perhaps the king of all cheating tunes, if only because Ingram goes into so much detail about what's at stake.

      Apparently, even the families and friends of these two know what's going on, which makes the silky, slow soul of this number a deliciously ticking time bomb. The intro somehow sounds like transgression; the rest sounds almost noble.

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      Peebles, on the other hand, doesn't seem to care at all, despite the fact that her own backup singers are advising her "don't break it up. Clearly, it's about to get real. Jones" and Billy are "making plans," yet are "careful not to build our hopes up too high. Mary is so sensitive, in fact, that she thinks you should be fine with this arrangement, despite her indiscretion. The song features shades of Jefferson Airplane's "Triad," though that classic didn't involve actual cheating per se.

      Then again, "lovers" rhyming with "discovers" is also pretty impressive. And necessary, too, because the twist here is that the two in question know each other already, and therefore have to look at each other all day, knowing what's going to keep happening. The Other Man is, in fact, this poor guy's best friend.

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